CTLite Cluster C4 (tilaustuote)
CTLite Cluster C4 (tilaustuote)
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Cluster C4The Cluster C4 is an affordable yet powerful LED grow light which offers good value for money. The light is designed for indoor home growing and helps you maximize small grow area's.The spectral output can be adjusted to VEG or Bloom mode by the two switches on top of the light. The VEG mode offers a high blue ratio with 440nm wavelengths and the Bloom mode offers a high red ratio with 660nm wavelengths.CTLite's goal was to develop a 1 on 1 replacement for HPS light with a high quality but affordable LED light. Their mission was finding a way to manufacture a high quality, but low-cost LED modulewhich offers a full spectral output for significantly reduced electricity costs.After CTLite achieved their goal, the Cluster C4 has been sold to many distributors and is still rebranded under a variety of names (Indoorled - HPS Killer or Greenception fe.) at unreasonably high prices. But we decided to offer the new and opgraded Cluster C4 for a much lower and fair price so every grower can enjoy a qualitative full spectrum grow light at a reasonable price. - Affordable high performance LED system- Comparable with a 150-180 watts HPS with 30% less energy- Higher yields and better quality- Perfect for propagation, veg or bloom- Including all cables- Perfect for home cultivators- Lifespan: 40.000 hours- Dimensions: 28 x 28 x 7 cm (11 x 11 x 3 inch)- 2 year warrantySpecifications- Power consumption (watts): 0 - 120- Spectrum Control: Digital | Programmable (2 switches: veg and bloom mode)- Spectrum: Full Spectrum (COB + Standard LED diodes)- Safe hanging distance: 20 - 40 cm (8 - 16 inch) from your canopy at full power- Coverage area: 60 x 60 cm – the C-4 4-pack is suitable for 100 x 100 cm – 120 x 120 cm- Fixture Optics: COBs: 90°- Operating temperature: 0 - 41.7°C (0 - 107 F)- Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz- Fixture weight: 2,94 kg (6,5 Lbs)- IP Rating : IP44 (not waterproof)- Full warranty: 2 years- Thermal Management: Active (Fans)Spectrum Vegetative SpectrumFlowering SpectrumLED light can be harmful for your eyes, therefore we recommend you to wear the Method Seven glasses to protect your eyes. Besides protection, the glasses filters the light to normal daylight colours which allows you to see the normal green colour of the plant.The spectrum can be adjusted to VEG or bloom mode by the two switches on top of the light.- Switch between VEG and Bloom- COB (chip on board technique)- Full spectrumThis LED grow light has both COB LED-technology and normal LED diodes, these COB led-chips are stacked close to each other and provide an even light distribution across the whole grow area. The COBs also offer additional cyan, green, yellow and orange wavelengths to complement the spectrum besides the spectrum of the standard LED diodes, so the Cluster C4 provides a full spectrum when both switches are on!BenefitsThe Cluster C4 is a perfect solution for both new and experienced indoor home growers. The light offers high quality performance at a low price.The light is a very good HPS replacement and is the best in its price range. We tested this light for over 1,5 years in full cycle grow tests and were very impressed by its results.The Cluster C4 light will be delivered including hanging kit, 2 connection / extension strips, 1 wrench, an external power supply, a 4m (13 ft) power cable: EC C13/C14 and a user manual.Red light affects phytochrome reversibility and is the most important for flowering and fruiting regulation. These wavelengths encourage stem growth, flowering and fruit production, and chlorophyll production.1 x Cluster C4 PPFD measurements in a 40 x 40 (1' x 1') @ 30 cm, 60 x 60 (2' x 2') @ 60 cm and a 100 x 100 (3' x 3') @ 90 cm canopy demonstration(Respective measurements with HPS Killer 120W, carried out by IndoorLED)LED Module Layout and Switches: