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Kasvivalaisin Revolution Avici 1150W LED
Kasvivalaisin Revolution Avici 1150W LED
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(Tilaustuote, varmista toimitusaika asiakaspalvelusta)Revolution Avici 1150W Tunable Spectrum LEDBrighter than a DE and 12% More EfficientNew Advanced Software & Even Higher EfficiencyThe first LED to really compete with HPS lighting, Avici brings 1000W SON-T DE power levels, footprint, and lightoutput with LED efficiency and tunable spectra. Change the color ratios with our Clone, Veg, Flower and Finish presets or dial-in your own custom spectrum to complement your DEva HPS or Metal Halide lighting. Avici can be dimmed as low as 28W or as bright as 1150W offering never before seen flexibility in growing. Choose your efficiency, choose your power level, choose your spectra. Avici puts you in control of your lighting. Designed fromthe ground up for avionic-grade reliability, Avici is rated to run continuously for thirty-two years while most LEDsare rated for just three. With Avici you’ll enjoy a more efficient indoor garden with higher performance, longer lifeand your choice of both spectra and power level.AVICI 1150W INTEGRATED GROWLIGHT• First and only high-power, tunable, continuous spectrum LED• Surge protected, computer controlled, generator safe• HumidiGuard silicone coated electronics for long life• Runs on any voltage 120V, 240V or 277V right out of the box• First and only LED luminaire to ever pass both FCC Part 18 and Part 15 Class B EMI limitsEngineering SpecificationsSpecifications:Input Voltage120/240/277 volts AC, 50/60 Hz or 347v 50/60 HzInput Current9.6 amperes @ 120 volts , 4.8 amperes @ 240 volts , 4.17 amperes @ 277 voltsInput Power PlugNEMA 6-15P (240v USA is standard)System efficiency88.6 % @ 277 voltsDriver efficiency at full power84.39% @120 volts , 86.22% @240 volts , 88.6% @277 voltsPower factor0.99 @ 120 volts , 0.98 @ 240 volts , 0.96 @ 277 voltsLight SourceOsram OSLON LED arrayLM90 (Osram 55C)> 150,000 hoursFan MTBF  74,000 hoursLuminous Flux > 2400 uMole/sec dimmable in 10% stepsArea coveredCoverage is best computed with lighting design software, but as a simple guide to PPFD with no overlap:3x3 @ 2750 PPFD4x4 @ 1550 PPFD5x5 @ 990 PPFD6x6 @ 690 PPFD7x7 @ 505 PPFD8x8 @ 390 PPFDYou can calculate this approximately as PPFD ~= 2300 / coverage area in sq meters.External DimRevolution or Revolution-compatible digital controllerExternal Dim ConnectorRJ14 telephone interconnect type (6P4C)Internal DimN/AActual input power0 – 1150wDimming / Spectrum ControlExternal controllerCertificationsCertified to FCC Part 18Certified to FCC Part 15CSA CertifiedCE CertifiedRoHS and RoHS2 CertifiedDimensions435mm x 528mm x 121.6mm (17 x 21 x 5 inches)15.0 kg (33 pounds)