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Digitaalinen virtalähde Solux Pro Selecta 315W CMH

Erittäin laadukas Solux Selecta digitaalinen virtalähde.

With the Solux pro LEC ballast you can create your own LEC lighting kit or change the ballast you have of your LEC lighting for a new one, either by failure or because it has many crops working.

This Solux Pro ballast works with any 315W CMH bulb or LEC bulb like the LEC Solux Pro bulb so you can choose the one you like best and combine it with the LEC reflector or use the LEC E40 lampholder with your reflector to adapt it to these bulbs .

Why choose LEC lighting?
LEC lighting is the latest in the market. Currently the big brands are the ones that bet on this type of lighting and this indicates its high level of quality. Among the benefits of using LEC lighting are:

The temperature that is released is much lower than with the HPS or HM bulbs (approximately as an LED bulb)
The cost of light is much lower
Unlike other types of lighting, the gr / w ratio is very comparable to the HPS or HM kit, so we will do the same with less expense.
LEC lighting is the latest in the market in terms of lighting for cultivation is concerned so bet on LEC is to bet on innovation and quality.
Ballast connection
The Solux Pro LEC 315W ballast is easily connected thanks to its plug & play plug that you should not cut to avoid losing the warranty but for this we include a male plug so you can use it as it comes from the factory.

These ballasts are connected like those of all the life, between the light bulb and the light so that they do their function of "starter" of the lamp. We will have to make a correct connection to avoid damage to the bulb or even fires. We recommend placing the Solux LEC electronic ballast in a cool, dry place.

Characteristics of the Solux LEC electronic ballast
The ballasto solux pro is electronic so it does not produce flicker in the bulbs and is totally silent.
In addition to these advantages that improve the crop we also have to highlight the safety measures that make the Solux Pro electronic ballast one of the best
The Solux pro LEC ballast integrates an extra protection against overloads or high temperature peaks in which it will be turned off to prevent breakage or even fire.
In case of emergency shutdown due to excessive heat, the ballast will take about 30-35 minutes to return to work to ensure the correct cooling of the ceramic cap of the bulb.
When for any reason the bulb burns, the ballast detects the lack of bulb and stops working for safety.

Specification of Electronic Ballast Selecta Solux Pro LEC (315W)

  • Brand Solux
  • Model: Solux Pro LEC BCDM315-ELC
  • Electronic ballast
  • Voltage: 240V 5 / 60Hz
  • THD <8%
  • Output power: 315W
  • IP of the required environment: IP23
  • Dimensions: 23x12x8cm
  • Weight: 1.9kg

Shipping content

  • Electronic Ballast Selecta Solux Pro LEC (315W)
  • ntegrated electricity cable (1.5m)
  • Cable to reflector Plug and Play (20cm)

Digitaalinen virtalähde Solux Pro Selecta 315W CMH

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