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The Genesis Formula  Coco A + B
Genesis Formula Coco fertiliser is specifically formulated to optimize plant response in coconut coir growing medium. Every grow medium has its own unique characteristics regarding water, oxygen, nutrient retention and buffering qualities. Coconut coir is an excellent choice of substrate. Coir has a high cation exchange rate, which means that an improved mineral balance is maintained and readily available for uptake. The Genesis Formula premium coco blend enhances these beneficial properties. When parts A and B are mixed together the fertiliser contains a balanced composition of trace and micronutrients. Along with the specific ratio of essential elements to accelerate plant growth and health in coco coir.
  • Specially formulated for growing in Coco
  • Pure Elemental ingredients
  • Same explosive results as Genesis 3-part feed
  • Complete A+B nutrition
  • Concentrated Mush Style, freshest nutrients available


The Genesis Formula Coco A + B

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