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Guard Aid Bud Rot Stop 250ml

Bud Rot Stop is a revolutionary new product that doesn’t just protect against Bud Rot – it destroys existing infections and restores your plants back to full health.

An amazing innovation, Bud Rot Stop works by effectively forcing the Botrytis (bud rot) spores to germinate on your plants and then eliminates them as they form. This completely eradicates the spores from your plant, curing existing infections and preventing new ones from occurring. Highly recommended, especially to people growing heavy flowering plants which are more prone to rot.

Shake well before use

Mixing - Add water at the rate of 15ml - 20ml per litre. Empty the Bud Rot Stop concentrate into suitable container or PestOFF Pistol. Add the correct amount of water and agitate until thoroughly mixed.

Application - Spray on plant just before night period. Apply product until leaf run-off occurs. Surfaces need to stay wetted for at least 4 hours or more. Rinse equipment after use.

Begin application when conditions are conducive to disease development - i.e high humidity or dense planting with total canopy coverage. Continue spraying at 5-7 day intervals. Pre-harvest interval - can be applied up to and including the day of harvest.

Safety and Storage - CAUTION: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN - Avoid inhalation of contact with eyes or open wounds. Product is not intended for ingestion, seek medical advice immediately. wear a mask when spraying. Repeated exposure to high concentrations of microbial proteins can cause allergic sensations. 

Use within 12-months of purchase or 3 months of opening. Replace cap after use.

Guard Aid Bud Rot Stop 250ml

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