Heijastin Adjust-A-Wings Avenger L DE Kanta
Laadukas aito Adjust-A-Wing DE Avenger heijastin tuplapäätyiselle polttimolle. 

Sisältää myös IEC-johdon.

Tämä heijastin kattaa jopa 3.9m2 alueen.

Made specifically for double ended 1000W HPS horticulture lamps (not included). 95% reflective proprietary textured German aluminum. Unique double ended constructions allows doe maximum optical efficiency and uniformity. Full spectrum DE Lamps used in the fixture focus on the red component for increased photosynthetic response. They offer improved PAR values and increased PAR/lumen maintenance (up to 90% PAR at 10,000 hrs of operation).

Socket and lamp cord included.

Koko: 895 x 895 - 1030 x 300mm

Heijastin Adjust-A-Wings Avenger L DE Kanta

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