Heijastin E40 Raptor Reflector

Raptor Reflector 8 inch air cooled

Koko: 68x95x21.5cm

IV-liitäntä: 200mm

Heijastimessa on USA IEC-pistokkeet, asiakkaan täytyy leikata nämä poikki ja kuoria johdot. Mukana tulee sähköliittimet kytentää varten.

  • SIZE MATTERS! Hydrofarm's Raptor reflectors were designed with our customers' needs in mind. They wanted bigger, broader, brighter light coverage, and our engineers designed it. Maximum air cooling with built-in flanges. Comes complete with cord set, hinged frame, tempered glass, and wire hangers. 
  • BRIGHT – Full four-sided specular 95% reflective European hammertone interior
  • BEST IN CLASS – Engineered design delivers optimum light efficiency
  • STRONGER & MORE DURABLE – Multi-point reinforced pre-galvanized steel construction and corrosion-proof electro coating
  • Tempered, sealed glass lens
  • Fully gasketed and sealed for effective heat isolation and cooling
  • Built-in aerodynamic socket, instructions, and hanging hardware

Heijastin E40 Raptor Reflector

35.00 - 320.00€
sis. alv

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