HY-PRO Spraymix Lehtiravinne


  • Säilytä huoneen lämmössä.

  • Varo jäätymistä.

  • Ravista ennen käyttöä.

  • Pidä poissa lasten ulottuvilta.

  • Älä niele.

  • Käytä yhdessä muiden HY-PRO tuotteiden kanssa.


Sekoita 5ml 1L vettä ja ravista hyvin. Suihkuta koko kasvuvaiheen ajan lehtien ylä ja alapuolelle.

Everyone can imagine the effect of a refreshing downpour on a thirsty plant. The same effect can be reached with HY-PRO Spraymix. This product provides leaves with nutrition, so they can comfortably breathe.

Air humidity

Plants that are cultivated indoors, are not always surrounded by enough air humidity. Especially decorative plants that originate from rainforests, prefer a constant humidity. For this reason HY-PRO has developed Spraymix.


Spraymix helps plants to build up resistance for possible negative exterior influences, such as too much sunlight. Moreover, our products support the plant to develop new leaves.


HY-PRO Spraymix contains only high-quality components. The product is unique regarding its composition and the positive effects show shortly after spraying. We recommend preparing the mix with water in the proportion of 1:200. That means 5 ml (1 tsp) Spraymix per liter water. Shake it firmly and spray it on the leaves. Use the prepared amount of Spraymix in one treatment, because the composition can change after a while.

HY-PRO Spraymix Lehtiravinne

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