Kasvatusteltta Homelab 80L


A truly versatile growing solution, the GL80L v 2.0 is used by growers for both growing up juvenile plants and flowering off to harvest. It€™s perfectly proportioned to accommodate a single 2' x 4' tray basking underneath a 250 or 400-watt lighting system. Alternatively, some growers prefer to use a 4' T5 fluorescent lighting system (8-lamp multiple array fixture) using just 440-watts. The upgraded durability and robustness of the GL80L v 2.0 makes this a truly unbeatable choice for growers at all levels.

Intake/Exhaust: 5 x 8' / 130mm (all ports are double-layered and fully adjustable to fit smaller diameter ducting and equipment)
Cord access: 2 x 4' / 100 mm



Interior: premium-grade silver reflective film

Exterior: waterproof black canvas with increased fabric density

Teltan koko: 80 x 150 x 200cm

Kasvatusteltta Homelab 80L

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