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Kasvihuonevalaisin GROWSPEC GS Sunray 60w UFO

Sunray 60

The Growspec Sunray 60 is one of the most advanced and innovative LED grow lights designed for small coverage areas. The light system is equipped with a switch to adjust the spectrum to thevegetative or flowering phase.

The GS Sunray 60 is a lower intensity LED fixture with more blue emphasis in the spectrum (optional), making it ideal for the clone phase. It’s an excellent energy-efficient replacement of fluorescent or other clone light technologies (over 60% more efficient than T5 fluorescent).

The Sunray Series are wide variety horticultural lighting solutions designed for greenhouses and high intensity indoor top lighting applications. The system is designed to illuminate small cultivation areas without any noise or excessive heat production.

Advanced LED grow light system

Comparable with a 100-120 watts HPS

Adjustable spectrum: switch between VEG or bloom (+ additional “white light” inspection mode)

Higher yields and better quality

Perfect for propagation, veg or bloom

Zero maintenance

Perfect for small scale grows or as supplemental light

Lifespan: more than 100.000 hours

Dimensions: 18,5 x 10 cm

Suited for clone, seedlings, veg and flower phase

- 3 year warranty


- PPF: 160 ?mol/s

- Power consumption (watts): 0 - 60

- Electrical efficiency (µmol/W): 2,7

- Spectrum Control: Digital | Programmable

- Spectrum: Chlorophyll based

- Dimmable: yes

- Power switch: switch between veg and bloom

- Safe hanging distance: 25 – 35 cm (14 - 10 inch) from your canopy at full power

- Coverage area: 60 x 60 cm (24 x 24 inch)

- Operating temperature: 0 - 57°C (0 - 134 F)

- Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz

- Package weight: 5 kg

- Warranty on fixture: 3 years

Warranty on power supply: 5 years

LED lifetime rating: 100.000+ hours

- Certifications: CE, RoHS Compliance, FCC

- Thermal Management: Passive (silent)


 Grow Spec Sunray 60 _ Vegetative Spectrum               Grow Spec Sunray 60 _ Vegetative + Flowering (= Full) Spectrum

LED light can be harmful for your eyes, therefore we recommend you to wear the Method Seven glasses to protect your eyes. Besides protection, the glasses filters the light to normal daylight colours which allows you to see the normal green colour of the plant. Its exclusive wideband spectrum replicates the “infrared” power of the sun. A tuned color ratio ensures large growth and yields from seed to flower.

- Full spectrum
- Operation modes: vegetative, flowering and inspection
- 660nm red and 730nm far red wavelengths
- 2 switchable fixed spectrums: vegetative and flowering (+ additional ''white-light'' inspection mode)


The Sunray Series offer wide variety horticultural lighting solutions designed for greenhouses and high intensity indoor top lighting applications. The Sunray 60 is also one of the industry’s first LED grow lights capable of delivering both flowering and vegetative PAR spectrums at full power in one system, including crop cultivation, seed production, and greenhouse cultivation.

Thanks to the use of a full spectrum, photosynthesis is accelerated, which in turn makes the plants healthier and stronger, grow faster, and yields are more numerous.

The switch changes the spectrum and allows you to add more blue in the veg phase and more red in the bloom phase.

The Sunray series are completely silent because of the passive cooling system. The low operating temperature has a performance-extending effect on the LED lifespan.

PPDF Bloom/ Growspec tent with white padding 1680D

PPDF VEG/ Growspec tent with white padding 1680D


GS SUNRAY 300W                                                                                   GS SUNRAY 300W _ MEAN WELL DRIVER
termowizja_60_lampa       termowizja_60_zasilacz



Kasvihuonevalaisin GROWSPEC GS Sunray 60w UFO

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