Kasvihuonevalaisin Revolution DEva 1000W 400V DE (tilaustuote)

(Tilaustuote, varmista toimitusaika asiakaspalvelusta)

Tuotteen mukana tulee Ushio Pro CMH DE polttimo.
Kontrolleri myydään erikseen.

DEva is a completely integrated, plug n’ play, no-compromise plant lighting solution. Our state-of-the-art, low-frequency square wave electronic ballast is built right into the reflector. The reflector houses a Cultilux double-ended 1000W CMH lamp—which comes included. All you have to do is plug it in and start growing.


  • MOST ENERGY EFFICIENT – How important is saving electricity to you? The DEva Silent Square Wave produces more light while utilizing less electricity.
  • MORE LIGHT – Worlds brightest DE uses less electricity than all of our competitors. 
  • REFLECTOR DESIGN – Many DE reflector designs waste light on the walls, ceiling and through inefficient light distribution. RevMicro’s Double Elliptical reflector design produces more even light distribution and avoids the classic DE hot spot.
  • LESS HEAT – Less Heat is essential for healthy plant growth, heat sinks run so cool you can touch them. Using our advanced Silent Square Wave technology we’ve reduced acoustic resonance, RF and heat you see with classic high frequency DE designs like Gavita.
  • LOWEST FAILURE RATE – Of any horticultural light on the market at 0.01%. Growers know that out 100 new ballasts they can expect and accept that they will lose anywhere from 8 to 15 of them. Not anymore. Instead of expecting RMA’s you can expect zero problems. If you do have one we’re known for the best technical support in the industry. Same day support, even on holidays.
  • QUALITY BUILD – 36 Year part life, aerospace-grade design, no sheet metal, sharp edges or hot heat sinks. All digital smart controls. Built for the needs of professionals, ethical industrial scale growers.
  • HIGHEST RATED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Fastest growing lighting brand in horticulture.
  • INTELLIGENT CONTROLS – Our RevMicro all digital lighting controller not only had the industries easiest interface but it can also handle 512 lights in two separate zones!
  • LOW PROFILE DESIGN – Eliminates issues with tight ceiling spaces.
  • FIELD REPAIRABLE – Say goodbye to RMA’s and hello to removable PC boards. You’ll be up and going in under 20 min by simply removing 4 screws and popping in a new board.
  • FOOT PRINT – 4×5. Comes with Cultilux 1000w CMH lamp.

Engineering Specifications

Input Voltage

120/240 or 240/277 volts AC, 50/60 Hz

Input Current

4.40 amperes @ 240 volts

System efficiency

94.7% @ 240 volts

Driver efficiency at full power

> 98%

Power factor

> 99.4%

Light Source

1000W 400v double-ended CMH lamp

Luminous Flux

> 1800 uMole/sec

External Control

Revolution or Autopilot controller

External Control Connector

RJ14 telephone interconnect type (6P6C)

Internal Dim

Push button on panel [dimming not advisable for CMH lamps, HPS can be dimmed]

Output power



Pushbutton or external controller  [OK for HPS, dimming not advisable for CMH lamps]


Certified to FCC Part 18 Class B, FCC Part 15 Class B

CSA Certified to UL 1598

CE Certified

RoHS and RoHS2 Certified


305mm x 650mm x 135mm (about 26 x 12 x 5 inches)

Kasvihuonevalaisin Revolution DEva 1000W 400V DE (tilaustuote)

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