Kasviravinne ATA Coco Max A+B 1L
ATA Coco Max is a basic plant nutrient that can be used during both the growth and flowering cycle of the plant and has been specially developed for growing on a coco substrate.

This basic nutrient is used during the entire growth cycle and provides the plant the plant with the correct doses of the primary nutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).

Coco substrate is naturally rich in potassium and gradually this element is released from the soil. On the other hand, coconut is poor in calcium. The ATA Coco Max nutrition is tailored to this and contains relatively less potassium, but a higher dose of calcium to prevent possible shortages.

Suitable for many different kinds of vegetables, fruits and herbs like strawberries, bell peppers, garlic and chives. It can also be used for indoor and potted plants (e.g., Pilea)
• Growth and Bloom stimulator in one
• Especially developed for cultivation on coco
• Easily absorbable nutrients

Kasviravinne ATA Coco Max A+B 1L

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