Kasvualusta Kookoskuitu U-Gro 11L Rhiza

Tästä 1kg kookos briketistä saat n.11L valmista puhdasta kookoskuitua. Tuotteeseen on lisätty mykoritsaa, joka auttaa kasvia kasvattamaan juuristosta vahvemman ja suuremman. 

Small Rhiza Small Rhiza is a 650-gram brick of pressed and dehydrated cocopeat with a low percentage of fibres, enriched with endomycorrhizae. With 3 litres of water it yields up to 11 litres of high quality cocopeat. Small Rhiza is the perfect growing media for short-term and seasonal crops. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Structure ?omposition pH EC (1:1,5) Water holding capacity Volume Net weight Standard Cocopeat with a low percentage of fibres 5,5-6,5 <0,6 mS/cm 910% 11 L = 3 gal 650 g Washed with unsalted water and buffered, conserving the natural trichodermas. Looking for the better results? An improved root system? Try UGro Rhiza! Our traditional coir has been enriched with endomycorrhizas. Thanks to a symbiotic association with the roots, endomycorrhizal fungi can provide extra nutrients and moisture to the plants. They grow as thin filaments that penetrate cell walls, thus forming an extension of the plant root system. They also improve the plants ability to tolerate diseases and pests. Available in Plug, Cube, XL, Slab, Pot and Pure.

Kasvualusta Kookoskuitu U-Gro 11L Rhiza

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