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Kasvualusta VITALINK PRO SOIL - 50L

  • Vitalink kasvualustat ovat erittäin laadukkaita.

  • Reduced ? peat content – doesn’t shrink when dry like ?
  • peat-based alternatives
  • Less prone to compaction due to its unique composition
  • Maintains natural structure – no need for perlite or other bulking agents

  • Contains proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria
VitaLink? Pro Soil is a high-quality compost media product which contains wood?f ibre, peat and bark fines to contribute to a greater physical structure and improved aeration and drainage. The amount of peat in our soil has been reduced and substituted for wood?fibre to make it more environmentally friendly. This also means it is less prone to compaction and does not shrink when dry like pure-peat based substrates. This makes it easier to re-wet if it does dry out. The wood?fibre?and bark fines maintain the natural structure so there is no need to add perlite or any other bulking agent.
Overall,? VitaLink?Pro Soil has a great water to air ratio. It holds more air when fully saturated making it less susceptible to overwatering or waterlogging. It also comes packed with beneficial bacteria to help with vigorous growth and to keep plants healthy.
Use VitaLink? Earth MAX in conjunction with? VitaLink? Pro Soil to get the best results.
EC 0.8-1.2 mS/cm²
pH 5.5
VitaLink ProSoil is available in 50L bags.

Kasvualusta VITALINK PRO SOIL - 50L

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