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LED Kasvivalaisin 300W KIND XL300 K3 Series2 (tilaustuote)

Product Details

SpectrumFull Spectrum (380-730nm)
Diodes90 (3w, UV, IR)
Max Wattage210w (±5%)
HID Wattage Equivalent300w
Input Voltage100-240V AC Power Input
Output VoltageUL Stnd. < 76V DC
Amperage1.75A @ 120V / 0.875A @ 240V
LIfetime>50,000 Hours
Weight14.76 lbs
Dimensions15.75”L x 13“W x 3.25”H
RMH (Recommended Mounting Height Above Canopy)18"
Footprint (RMH)2' x 2.5'
PPFD Peak (RMH)776
Warranty3 Year
CertificationsCE, ROHS


The all new K3 XL Series is designed with the hobbyist, home grower in mind, but packs the punch of the perfectly tuned spectrum and intensity commercial growers have come to rely upon from the award-winning K5 Series, providing unmatched quality and yield at harvest.

Taking cues from it’s best-in-class big brother, the NEW K3 XL Series offers the same unprecedented results as the K5 Series with secondary optical lenses and a new expanded perfect 12-band spectrum in an easy to use, plug n' play, seed to harvest fixture.' play, seed to harvest fixture.

The NEW K3 XL Series from KIND LED will improve nearly every aspect of your grow


Kind Amplified quality
Amplified quality and potency, with newly enhanced UV diodes to increase terpene and flavor profiles.
Kind LED increased harvest
Significantly increase flower density and harvest weight with re-calibrated secondary optical lenses that focus light intensity and deliver 200% greater canopy penetration.
Kind optimized diodes
Optimized diode distribution reduces the hot spots commonly found in LED grow lights, resulting in balanced, rapid growth across the entire footprint.
Kind LED Lifetime Support
Lifetime professional grow support so you never have to grow alone.

LED Kasvivalaisin 300W KIND XL300 K3 Series2 (tilaustuote)

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