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Säilytyspussi nahkainen antique

The smoking pouch is made from the finest calf leather and can accommodate your whole tobacco equipment. The thoughtful design allows easily to stow tobacco, cigarette papers, filters, grinder, lighter and a rolling tray. Genuine calf leather is a premium quality leather, very smooth and owns fine grains, which gives the product an extremly soft and supple character. The outstanding unique feel of the surface highlights the exceptionally fine quality of the material. Thanks to the excellent properties of genuine calf leather, the tobacco retains its freshness and moisture up to 80% longer in comparision to conventional materials.

Dimensions: 230x90x25-40 mm (LxWxH)

Colour / tanning: Tobacco antique

Material: 100% Genuine calfskin

Pocket for rolling tray: max. 130x25x13 mm*

Pocket for smoking papers: 120x40x5 mm*

Pocket für equipment (e.g. lighter): max. 90x25x13 mm*

Pocket für equipment (e.g. filter): max. 90x25x13 mm*

Push button bag (e.g. grinder): 70x80x25 mm*

Push button bag (e.g. tobacco): 120x80x25 mm*

Weight: 125 g

Warranty**: 6 months

Because of the natural leather, slight variations in color or texture of the leather are possible. Due to genuine leather, the product has the typical characteristic odor at the beginning. This odor will reduce over the time. The smoking pouch should be protected against strong sunlight and moisture. To care of the product, use leather balm from your trusted dealer.

* Specified sizes refer to the inside dimensions.

Säilytyspussi nahkainen antique

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