Tukiverkko Lighthouse Stretchnet max. 120x120cm

Tukiverkon avulla saat kasvit pysymään helpommin pystyssä.  Mukana tulee 4-erillistä koukkua, jotka voit laittaa esim 60x60cm alueelle tai max. 120x120cm.

LightHouse StretchNet is made from the highest quality elasticised cord that is knotted into one piece of netting to give additional strength. Simply attach the StretchNet to the poles of your tent at the desired height to give support to your growing plants. For best results - use 2 or 3 StretchNets per 2m high tent dependning on the height of your pot. Size can be adapted and suitable for tents up to 1.2m2. Hooks will fit poles up to 23mm diameter.

Tukiverkko Lighthouse Stretchnet max. 120x120cm

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