Huom ! Tässä vain 1kpl turveruukkuja, ei kokonaista levyä.

Turveruukut ovat välttämättömiä jokaisen puutarhurin perustarpeita, niiden avulla on helppo kasvattaa taimia. Turveruukut ovat 100% orgaanisia ja biohajoavia, ne nopeuttavat juurten kasvua ja tekevät niistä terveempiä. Ruukku on helposti hajotettavissa kun taimi tarvitsee siirtää suurempaan ruukkuun.

Koko: 5x5cm

Valmistaja: HGA Garden

Eazy Plug® Woodee® Strip Cultivation Pots

Woodee® strip pots from Eazy Plug® are essential aids for the amateur gardener as they are ideal for cultivating young plants.

The Woodee® strip pots are fully organic and biodegradable and eventually decompose into humus. They ensure healthy accelerated growth and an excellent root system.

The plants do not need transplanting. The pots can simply be broken or cut off the strip and placed directly in the ground.

Cell Size : 5 x 5 cm

100% organic

The Woodee Pot ® is completely made of natural fibres, only wood fibres are used, from the thinning of sustainably managed forests. 100% organic, the Woodee Pot contains no additives or chemical residues, unlike glued peat, straw and coconut pots.

100% biodegradable, is converted into humus

With our precious environment in mind, they have ensured that the Woodee Pot ® goes beyond 100% biodegradability. It also improves soil fertility because it is converted into humus, creating a positive effect on the cultivation.

Exceptionally good cultivation

The Woodee Pot ® is also an exceptional geode growing pot. Woodee ® pots have an unsurpassed high permeability to water, air and roots, resulting in a fast growing and an excellent root system. Even drainage holes are not required because of this porosity. Roots can quickly penetrate the walls of the Woodee ® Pot, where they stop growing when they get in contact with air. Root buds are formed and a secondary root system begins to develop in the entire Woodee ® Pot. After transplanting or re-potting the dormant root buds reactivated, which makes for a much improved development speed. The result is a very close and active network of root hairs without any deformation of the root, which results in a strong and well-developed plant.

Ease of use

Professional growers amateur gardeners will be happy with the ease of use and high success rate of the Woodee ® Pot. Roots penetrate rapidly through the walls of the Woodee ® Pot and transplanting or repotting is very easy.

Just place the Woodee ® Pot with your seedlings directly into your soil when they are ready, there is no need to take them out the Woodee pots. The result is no transplant shock.

Anyone can grow successfully and work simultaneously with the environment when using The Woodee ® Pot