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Homelab 120L

One of our most popular choices, the GL120L v 2.0 was originally conceived as a super productive flowering chamber although larger growers enjoy the vegetative potential of this generously proportioned grow tent too. Your 3' x 6' tray will fit perfectly into the GL120L v 2.0 as will two 600-watt lighting systems. With its robust design featuring reinforced pole connectors, a large roof port, and complete waterproof coating throughout, growers enjoy maximum piece of mind and unparalleled results.

Intake/Exhaust: 1 x 8” / 200 mm and 3 x 10" / 250 mm (all ports are double layered and fully adjustable to fit smaller diameter ducting and equipment)
Cord access: 4 x 4" / 100 mm



Interior: premium-grade silver reflective film

Exterior: waterproof black canvas with increased fabric density

Koko: 240 x 120 x 200cm

Varastossa - Toimitusaika: 1 - 3 päivää
Hinta:265.00 €295.00 €