Kasvatusteltta Evolution Q120 15 %
Kasvatusteltta Evolution Q120
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Kasvatusteltta Nothing performs like a 600-watt HID grow light housed in a HOMEbox® Evolution Q120! It’s all thanks to the PAR+ super reflective inner lining. Plants develop faster and produce more flowers and fruit because more plant-usable light is directed at the canopy. Crop quality is also remarkable due to less heat build-up (the #1 cause of low crop quality.) The result is an incredibly efficient growing chamber that still only takes up 1.44 m2 of floor space!The HOMEbox® Evolution Q120 is a clear favourite among dedicated indoor growers and can be used for all stages of the plant lifecycle, however the most popular application is a flowering chamber using a high pressure sodium lamp - amazingly, up to 36 small plants can fit inside this super-productive grow box!High-tech German design and engineeringSeamless no-trip entryRugged, plant-safe materials ensures long working lifeAll parts are replaceableRemovable, water-resistant flooringDouble side accessInlet and outlet tubes:100 mm (4”): 1x right, 1x left, 1x Back150 mm (6”): 1x left, 1x Back200 mm (8”): 1x right, 1x left250 mm (10”): 1x Roof2 x 200mm (8”) OmniFlow air vents left and right side700-micron MicroMesh bug-screenTough canvas outer shellPAR+ super reflective lining promotes faster growth and higher yieldsSuper strong 22mm diameter tent poles—reinforced, stronger plastic cornersOnce closed, unit is entirely sealed and virtually light proofTotal-Blackout Zippers - no need for Velcro flapsMax load: 75kgKoko: 120 x 120 x 200Videon teltta on eri kokoa.