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Proper Calcium and Magnesium  availability  is  vital  to optimize nutrition in fast growing plants. It helps prevent secondary nutrient deficiencies, supports growth and fruiting, and prevents blossom end rot and tip-burn in many particularly intensive crops such as tomatoes and lettuce.GHE Calcium Magnesium Supplement provides concentrated Calcium and Magnesium in a highly bioavailable, clean and soluble form that  will  not  clog drippers. It can be used alongside most nutrient regimes.GHE Calcium Magnesium Supplement can also help counter Calcium sequestration when growing in coco coir using Organic nutrients, or when expanding compressed coco bales.How to use GHE CalMag:Warning: Do not use with GHE soft water formulations, FloraCoco®, or FloraNova®: they already contain enough calcium for even R.O. water systems.Also, all GHE coco-coir products are pre-rinsed and stabilised; you can grow right from the bag without treatment.For all other situations:Use 1.5 ml per litre of water for most applications including organic and high demand crops.With Reverse Osmosis, add 2ml per litre of water before adding nutrient solution.When growing in Coconut Coir, using prepared soil or soilless mixes, or expanding compressed coco, use 1 to 1.5 ml per litre to wet (to saturation) the media, and then add to nutrient solution at the same rate for the first two weeks. Continuous use may be helpful for fast growing annuals.Non -GHE nutrients, in hydroponics and outdoor gardening.General Organics Thrive as needed, if growing in coco-coir, especially non-GHE brand.
GHE Diamond Nectar  16 %
GHE Diamond Nectar
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Diamond Nectar A natural organic bio-stimulator Despite the low level of nutrients found in natural soil-based environments, plant growth nevertheless occurs because the smallest humic acids channel available nutrients directly into nearby vegetation. By accelerating nutrient absorption at the root boundary zone where minerals enter the plant, small particle sized humic and fulvic acids optimize nutrient uptake in fast growing vegetation. Diamond Nectar is a mix of these acids with mostly fulvic but quite a bit of humic too, which gives it this slightly brownish colour. Diamond Nectar is an exclusive Fulvic Acid extract from a combination of unique Leonardite sources providing the highest availability and diversity of these bio-active plant compounds. Millions of years ago prehistoric plants and animals were consumed in the ecological cycle of life. Buried thousands of feet deep and converted to carbon, some of these deposits produced €œDiamond€.Others were pushed to the surface during the ice ages and became what is known as €œLeonardite€ Beneath some ancient lands in New Mexico, an extraordinary Leonardite deposit was formed. It contains the riches of natural organic matter composted for millennia and freely available to growing plants. This deposit is carefully mined and natural compounds called €œHumates€ are extracted. Soluble Humates (the humic and fulvic acids family) contain a myriad of natural plant growth promoting compounds plus nutrient enhancing ingredients. Fulvic acid enhances plant growth and yield: It improves uptake and utilisation of nutrients and minerals by growing plants. It transports nutrients to all plant parts: roots, stems, foliage, flowers and fruit. It affords growers the benefits of natural organic mater in a liquid form. In hydroponics and soilless cultivation, it helps create an environment closer to soil conditions. Diamond Nectar is not a fertiliser. It is an additive to be used in combination with comprehensive nutrients like Flora-series and One Part. Combined with a conventional nutrition program, it leads to earlier harvests, healthier disease resistant plants and enhanced qualities of flavour, fragrance, essential oils, plus significantly higher yields. Apply Diamond Nectar to all cultivated plants, including ornamentals, culinary and aromatics, fruit and vegetables, trees, etc. It is adapted to hydroponics and soil. Pour directly into the reservoir or use as a foliar spray.
GHE BioSevia Bloom 1L 30 %
GHE BioSevia Bloom 1L
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Sevia Grow & Bloom For BioponicsTWO-PART PLANT FOOD For all growing methods: hydroponics, aeroponics and soilBioSevia is a unique organic nutrient BioSevia is an organic €“ and complete €“ plant food. For 4 years indeed our researchers studied and tested exhaustively to obtain a nutrient containing everything a plant needs to perfectly grow, and which would, at the same time, respond to all the requirements of an organic registration in France and in the rest of the world. BioSevia has several essential qualities: It is a complete plant food. Its specific composition, and its excellent solubility, make it easy for plants to assimilate. It is efficiently applied in fertigation and drip irrigation. It contains fulvic acid and humic acids which improve soil conditions and enhance the plant€™s absorption capacity. It brings a sweet, pleasant taste to your crops. €¦ and it works in hydroponics! BioSevia is a €œbioponic€ nutrient BioSevia gives perfect results in soil, of course, but it has the exceptionality to work beautifully in hydroponics too, be it with bare roots, or on substrates. Indeed, not any nutrient is adapted to this type of growing. Generally, organic nutrients are formulated in order to slowly decompose in soil so, when in water, some of their elements will rot and release some quite unpleasant smells. Finally, they would clog the filters and injectors. To be bioponic, a nutrient must be liquid or perfectly soluble. It must be rapidly degradable and readily available to the plant. BioSevia fits to all these conditions. BioSevia exist in 0,5 l, 1 l, 5 l, 10 l, 60 l. BioSevia is a nutrient that can be used in organic cultivation. It applies to the European regulation on organic agriculture N°834/2007. September 2011, we abandoned our Qualité France certification due to administrative hassles concerning the name of the products. We are at this time talking with Ecocert to retrieve this French certification. But the product didn't change: same formula, same components, same manufacturing. And it still responds to the European regulation on organic agriculture N° 834/2007.
GHE FloraKleen
GHE FloraKleen
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Unique, high performance rinse and soil conditioner for all substrates and systems. From rejuvenating houseplants to maximising yields and potential in commercial hydroponics, FloraKleen is one of the most powerful tools available to gardeners! Eventually, every growing system will develop fertilizer residue as a natural part of the growing process. This accumulation results in salt build-up that can block drippers, cause unsightly accumulations on the top of soil or substrate, and will eventually cause your plants undue stress and even root damage. With the highly concentrated nutrients available today, and high EC levels running in many systems, nutrient lockout can also be an invisible limit on your grow; FloraKleen® solves all these problems and more: Dissolves accumulated fertiliser salts Corrects nutrient balance Treats nutrient lock out Nourishes microbial life and refreshes soil and coco coir Maximises final stage growth (especially with Ripen) Specifically developed to dissolve mineral salts, FloraKleen® releases nutrient bonds between minerals and substrate and allows you to rinse excess residue. This release also helps plants make the most of remaining fertilizers, especially in the crucial week just before harvest. Unlike other €œflushes€ and finishing products on the market, FloraKleen® is not an acid, isn€™t enzyme based, and does not dump magnesium or other mineral additives into your system - this makes it uniquely flexible: with FloraKleen® you can give your system, and your plants, a clean slate at any time and at any stage of the growth process. No matter what type of growing system you€™re using - indoors or outdoors, soilless or hydroponic, pots or garden beds, FloraKleen® is easy to use: just mix with pH adjusted water and apply.
Silikaatti GHE Mineral Magic
Silikaatti GHE Mineral Magic
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Kaikille kasvatus menetelmille: vesiviljelyyn ja multaan harvinainen orgaaninen lisäravinne, joka sisältää silikaattiaMineral Magic on luonnollinen silikaatti jauhe, käytännössä erittäin tärkeä vesiviljelyssä ja maaperättömässä viljelyssä, koska se tuo mukaan harvinaisen ainesosan, silikaatin. Silikaatti on tunnetusti erittäin tarpeellinen ainesosa korkea kasvuisille kasveille. Mineral Magic sisältää muinaisia biologisesti muuntuneita orgaanisia aineksia merenpohjan esiintymistä, lisäksi se sisältää luonnollisesti muodostunutta piihappo savea.Mineral Magic sisältää runsaasti mineraaleja (63 !) ja tarjoaa silikaattia luonnollisesti liukenevassa muodossa, joka kehittää vahvistetun suojan tauteja ja tuholaisia vastaan.Mineral Magicin luonnolliset kolloidit parantavat kationin kierto kapasiteettia ravinne liuoksessa. Tämä parantaa ravinteiden saatavuutta.Tasapainottaa ravinne liuoksen pH arvoa ja sähkönjohtokykyä, mikä vähentää stressiä nopeasti kasvavilla kasveilla.Tarjoaa suojaa metallien myrkkyllisyyttä vastaan.Mineral Magic ei ole lannoite ja sitä tulee käyttää yhdessä lannoiteden kanssa.MINERAL MAGIC JA MIKRO-ORGANISMITVesiviljelyssä on vältettävä Mineral Magicin käyttämistä mikro-organismejen kanssa (BM & SubCulture), sillä vedessä silikaatti muuttu piihapoksi, joka hidastaa hyödyllisten bakteerikantojen kehittymistä.Mineral Magicillä on maaviljelyssä taas päinvastainen vaikutus, kun sitä sekoitetaan jauhemuodossa multaan. Mullassa Mineral Magicin laajat elementtimäärät stimuloivat hyödyllisten mikro-organismejen kasvua ja auttaa luomaan luonnollisen ympäristön erittäin terveille kasveille.
Terra Aqutica TrikoLogic 1gr pussitettuna (subculture ghe)
Terra Aqutica TrikoLogic 1gr pussitettuna (subculture ghe)
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Trikologic High quality dry Trichoderma harzianum culture vital part of Organic growing, and every commercial gardener’ssecret weaponTrikologic is our brand of Trichoderma harzianum: the first beneficial microbial inoculant to become standard in the commercial greenhouse industry.Trichoderma lives in soil, coco or other similar substrates breaking down organic matter and releasing minerals. This process of decomposition and nutrient release is fundamental to Organic, Organic Hydroponic, and Bioponics, and Aquaponics gardening. As it grows and establishes colonies, Trichoderma also releases a range of plant growth stimulating compounds and substances that inhibit or kill pathogens in the soil which might otherwise harm your plants - as the latest research has been demonstrating.It’s this range of benefits, for young plants in particular, that has led to Trichoderma becoming a standard in the industry.As with all GHE products, our Trichoderma brand is of the highest quality - all strains and cultures are not equal, and some are significantly less viable than others. We are proud to say that our beneficial microorganism products, bacteria and fungi, are amongst the highest quality on the market.Trikologic meets European regulation 2008/113/CE on organic agriculture. It is registered under: BBA Nr LS 004987-65-00.HOW TO USE :As with all aerobic microorganisms, the better the oxygen supply, and the more stable pH, temperature and humidity are; the healthier and more effective Trikologic will be.As a drench when sowing seeds, and as an additive to water/nutrient for seedlings, young, and adult plants: add 1g for every 15 to 20 litres of water or nutrient solution every 6 to 8 weeks.For adult plants, in soil or coco: add 10g for every 150 to 200 litres of water or nutrient solution every 6 to 8 weeks; just add to your water/nutrient system, or water directly onto substrate.In pure, bare root hydroponics and bioponics: When plants are young and have small root systems, Trikologic needs a base to regroup and reproduce: to provide this use a commercially available biofilter unit, or suspend a 3 to 5L plastic basket filled with 80% clay pebbles and 20% coco coir under falling water in your tank, e.g. under the return of our Aeroflo® systems.