Kanavapuhallin hiljainen

Tästä osiosta löydätte meidän hiljaisimmat kanavapuhaltimet.
Kanavapuhallin hiljainen Iso-max  150mm / 410m3/h
Kanavapuhallin hiljainen Iso-max 150mm / 410m3/h
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Kanavapuhallin  Äänivaimennettu Iso-Max, jossa nopeutta voi vaihtaa erillisestä säätimestä.Liitäntä: 150mmTeho: 52WPituus: 68cmPaino: 5.8kgNopeus 1: 310m3/h Nopeus 2: 360m3/hNopeus 3: 410m3/h150mm (6”) ISOMAX 3-Speed: 310/360/410 mtr3 per hrCAN-FAN ISOMAX 3-Speed and single speed sound insulated fans are designed and constructed to minimalize sound output at range which makes them the ideal grow room inline fan for where noise sensitivity is a priority.The ISOMAX powerful Swiss engineered high-quality motor runs extremely quiet while moving a very large amount of air through either a 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 315mm outlet. The outer casing functions as a silencer and has a thick layer of insulating foam-lining around its inside, providing outstanding sound protection. Remarkably lightweight, ISOMAX fans can be suspended/ installed in locations that may be unsuitable to consider other, heavier, cabinet/box type acoustic fans. Two built-in hanging fittings allow for easy, quick installation.The 3-speed fan-controller offers the ability to reduce air-flow levels when it may be preferable, providing added flexibility and saving money on additional fan-controller units!These fans are highly reliable, durable and overheating is prevented by a thermal switch, so peace of mind can be maintained at all times. 150mm ISOMAX 3-Speed Fan Specifications:Airflow - 310/360/410 mtr3 per hrCurrent – 0.2 ampsPower consumption: 52 wattsFull diameter: 230mm Length: 680mm (26.7 inches)Weight: 5.86kg