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Energiansäästövalaisimet sisältävät heijastimen E40-kannalla ja ovat yleensä nopeasti otettavissa käyttöön.

Kasvihuonevalaisin Solux Predator 2x24W
Kasvihuonevalaisin Solux Predator 2x24W
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Solux Predator on laadukas T5 energiansäästövalaisin. Soveltuu erityisesti vegetykseen ja kasvuvaiheeseen.Power and sizes: 2 x 24W - 63 x 26 x 10 cm Solux Predator lights are a high intensity T5 fluorescent lamps, that feed plants with a blue spectrum, ideal for growing stages of plants, as well as for propagation and rooting cuttings. One of the main advantages of Predator fixtures is its low heating emition, and its high intensity illumination. two characteristics that together create an ideal light to safe some watts along vegetative stage (when lights work for longer periods). Predator low consumption grow-lights are available in 4 different powers: 2x24W, 4x24W, 4x54W and 8x54W so every grower can choose the one that better fits their growing needings. These type of grow-lights are perfect to keep mother-plants and for rooting clones in a small growing area. To get best results in the rooting process we recommend you combining the use of Predator Solux with a greenhouse (which will help humidities to stay high, favouring a quick expansion of the root system, withou stressing plants). In colder seasons maybe you'll need a heating mat to place under the greenhouse, so you can keep it warm (around 20ºC). Due to the high intensity produced by T5 fluorescent lights, we recommend you to keep these fixtures 40-60 cm from plants, distance more than enough to guarantee optimal light and humidity conditions for cuttings. Tip: If the cuttings you pretend to root will be placed outdoors is better to root them with a 16/8 photoperiod. If you plan growing them indoors, better use a 18/6 photoperiod. Solux Predator T5 fixture Type: Low consumption T5 fluorescent fixture. Spectrum: 6500K - Blue. Use: For vegging mother-plants, seedlings, and rooting cuttings.