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Kasvualusta taimimulta Eazy Mix 5.0L 42 %
Kasvualusta taimimulta Eazy Mix 5.0L
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Todella hyvä siemen-ja taimivaiheen multa kasveille, sillä on erinomainen kyky sitoa kosteutta ja sitä voidaan käyttää myös vermikuliitin korvikkkeena. Tuote on myös pH-neutraali ja sitä voi käyttää kaikkien maa-ainesten kanssa. Tällä tuotteella et voi epäonnistua kasvattaessa taimia.Lue KK-Blogista esittlely:Klikkaa tästä Eazy Mixx: For better germination results A good top layer substrate is of great importance for a successful production of seedlings. There is more to it than just covering the seeds. Eazy Mixx is a well balanced top layer substrate that prevents dehydration of your seeds and assures roots growing downwards instead of pushing seeds upwards or sidewards. Easy to use Eazy Mixx is very easy to apply in a thin layer. It will remain easy to handle regardless of the humidity and does not clod, get sticky or form a hard layer where the seedlings will not get through. It is versatile and can be used as a replacement to e.g. vermiculite and is pH neutral. Extremely reliable and versatile Eazy Mixx is extremely reliable thanks to its well-balanced composition and will get you the highest success rate possible. It can also be used in combination with Rockwool, press pots, coconut substrates, paper pots, etc. 100% germination rate Eazy Mixx is perfectly matched to our Eazy Plugs. This combination guarantees a 100% success rate in a quick and simple way. A must for every serious grower as you cannot go wrong.