Kasvualusta kookosbriketti 10L  Atami Bcuzz
Kasvualusta kookosbriketti 10L Atami Bcuzz
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Kätevä turvotettava kookosbriketti valmiina sopivan kokoisessa pussissa.The B'cuzz B'ounce is a pressed substrate existing of a mixture of coconut, consisting of coconut grit, coconut fibre and pieces of coconut. All the ingredients are buffered and rinsed, so that the B'ounce can be considered a pure substrate. Because the coconut of the B'ounce is different in structure, it is an ideal foundation. The coarser pieces of coconut cause the coconut mixture to remain sufficiently airy, ensuring that enough oxygen can get to the roots. The oxygen has a beneficial effect on the (rapid) development of a healthy and strong root system, and also the speed with which the root system can develop is increased considerably by the good (light) conditions, so the plants will grow even faster. The coarser pieces of coconut also ensure good drainage. The finer pieces of coconut (the fibres and the grit) on the other hand, act as a sponge and retain the moisture longer, so enough (nutrition) water is left behind in the substrate for the plants.B’cuzz B’ounce is available in small blocks of 18,5 x 18,5 cm. The height of the blocks is 6 cm. After soaking the B’cuzz B’ounce will swell to a height of approximately 20 cm.Instructions:For the best cultivation results it is recommended to soak the B'cuzz B'ounce in water at room temperature (approximately 20°C) in advance. This is done to ensure that the power of the B'cuzz B'ounce water-retention capacity is increased. This is called capillary action.Before the cuttings can be potted, the B'ounce has to be turned over well (also at the bottom). This way, the pressed coconut becomes properly moist, much airier and a little more flexible. Especially the latter is important, because the coconut is then sufficiently airy and the roots have enough room to develop. Next, you can immediately start giving nutrient solution. The first week Atami recommends to maintain an EC value of 1.2.Growing tip:For an optimum air circulation Atami advises to places the B'ounce blocks minimally 5 cm apart.