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No Mercy Supply

No Mercy Supply is especially for people who want to grow their own crops hobby-wise in the most organic way possible Our complete product line is dedicated to this way of cultivation.

Growing in a biological way results in a much better and fuller flavor of your crop.

Our slogan ?Back to mother nature? says it all.

If you have questions about our products, we are of course happy to assist you.

No Mercy Bacterial 50ml
No Mercy Bacterial 50ml
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Accelerates the emergence of a natural balance in any growth medium With bacterial you have a freeze-dried culture of microorganisms. If you mix the content of Bacterial with water billions of nitrifying bacteria will grow within a period of 24 hours. Tiny as they may be there nitrifying bacteria are essential to all life on earth, including plants. Together with enzymes and moulds these bacteria transform organic waste into re-uptakeable nutrients for the plants. In order to obtain the right environment in the growth medium of your plants we developed this biological, reliable and fast working product: Bacterial. Not only does Bacterial stimulate growth, but since nitrifying bacteria are real devourers of waste you can also reduce the rising of your growth medium. Bacterial can be used in Hydro-systems and bio-systems. Application in Hydro-systems: Bacterial needs about 24 hours to develop the maximum amount (billions) of bacteria. You can put Bacterial directly into the barrel of your hydro-system or prepare the culture separately in a bucket (10l) of water (Ph 5.8-7) at room temperature and put this water in the barrel after 24 hours. One or two teaspoons is enough tough overdosing is not troublesome. The fertilizing scheme can remain unchanged and Bacterial can beaded when considered necessary. A regular, weekly application of Bacterial will give best results. Keep an eye on the barrel€™s filter when adding the Bacterial mix because older watering systems risk clogging up by the remains of the medium that the bacteria originally lived in. Bacterial is also ideal for rinsing your slaps, you will create a healthier environment for your plants. If you must use a fungicide, use Bacterial afterwards to restore the environment. Do not use a fungicide shortly after the application since this will probably also kill the bacteria you need so much. Application in Bio-systems: The usual and easiest way to add Bacterial is by mixing it with the irrigation water. Mix one or two teaspoons in a bucket of water (Ph 6.2 €“ 7), wait 24 hours and apply. It is also possible to mix the freeze-dried bacteria with the growth medium for your plants. A weekly application of Bacterial will give optimal results.
No Mercy Hiilidioksidi Co2 tabletit
No Mercy Hiilidioksidi Co2 tabletit
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Kasvit kasvavat huomattavasti nopeammin kun saatavilla on mahdollisimman paljon hiilidioksia. Näillä tableteilla on se onnistuu erittäin helposti, tabletit ovat helppo keino lisätä hiilidioksidia juurten kautta kasville. Kasvien hidas kasvu johtuu useina liian vähäisestä hiilidioksidin määrästä. Liian kuumassa ilmassa hiilidioksidin määrä vähenee ja kasvin kasvu hidastuu. Co2 tableteilla voit lisätä nopeasti hiilidioksidin määrää ja kasvisi kasvaa nopeammin. Huomio että vain täysin terveet kasvit voivat hyödyntää hiilidioksidin tuomaa nopeaa kasvun etua. Käyttöohje: Annostele hiilidioksidi valoisaan aikaan, pimeään aikaan kasvit eivät käytä hiilidioksidia. 1 tabletti riittää jopa 100L vettä, voit lisätä vesiviljelyjärjestelmissä tabletin suoraan tankkiin. Nopean tulosten saamiseksi voit myös sekoittaa 1 tabletin lasilliseen veteen, jonka voit annostella suoraan kasvillesi kastelun yhteydessä 2krt viikossa. Hiilidioksidin ylimääräisestä annostelusta ei ole hyötyä, eikä se voi myös vahingoittaa kasviasi jos annostelet liikaa.Hiilidioksidi tabletit myös vakauttavat ravinneliuoksen pH-arvoa. Lue lisää valmistajan sivuilta http://www.nomercyseeds.eu/en/growinfo/no-mercy-co2-tabs.htm No Mercy Co2 tabs. With this package of CO2 Tabs you will possess a revolutionary new and very powerful product aimed at plants on any growth medium. These simple - and cheap! - Tablets are specially developed to replace the complicated and expensive CO2 fertilizing systems used until today. Growth stagnation of plants is often caused by a shortage of carbondioxide; in badly aired spaces this shortage can be dramatic. With CO2 Tabs you can offer the carbon dioxide directly to the roots of your plants and significantly increase the speed of growth. Only healthy plants will be able to effectively use this extra input. During extensive testing we perceived as the possible side affect a shortage of magnesium due to the high speed of growth.  The tabs release the CO2 in the water and thus stimulate the growth. Healthy plants can absorb many times more of this important nutrient CO2 as is available in the air. Attention: Adding CO2 short before the dark period doesn't give any results! During the dark period the plant doesn't absorb any CO2. The tabs bond the CO2 about 4 to 6 hours to the offered water. Application: When your plants (or cuttings) are healthy you can use 1 tablet per 100 liters of water. In hydro systems you can also simply add the tablet to the barrel. Overdosing is neither harmful nor useful. If you want to add the CO2Tab instantly, first solve it in a cup of water (gently crush the tablet with your finger in the water) and mix it the with the water that is intended for the plants. Apply twice weekly for optimal results, and preferably during the whole growing cycle of your plants. CO2 Tabs are available in 60 and 150 pcs.
Kukitus-suihke GA-Special Spray
Kukitus-suihke GA-Special Spray
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Kukistus-suihke joka lisää kukinnon tuotantoa ja stimuloi 'naaras' hormoonien tuotantoa kasveilla. This GA-Special Spray can be safely applied to make plants bloom richer and produce more resin. This is an effect of Gibberelic-acid (a chemical produced acid, so not an hormone preparate) which stimulates the female hormones in the plant. Apply on healthy plants only, and only during the indicated period of bloom. Preferably use the spray shortly before you turn out the lights. You can also hang the light higher for a few hours. A 250 ml. bottle of GA-Special Spray is enough to treat 125-150 plants. Spray well above the plants €“ do not dilute. Spray the plants once after they have been blooming for 23 €“ 26 days, or 23 -26 days after you have switched the lights to 12 hours. For insiders: the change from the first to the second internode flowering is the best moment for treatment. (Direct use in the barrel is possible, for info contact No Mercy Supply The results will show up rapidly. An extra week of after-blooming is necessary (adjust your nutrients, EC, watering, harvesting plans etc!). In this last week, the plant will put on more weight than in €˜regular€™ situations. Some plants react better to 11 hours of light during the last two weeks. Some extreme Sativa€™s may show a tendency to hermafroditism. No Mercy Supply assumes no responsibility for possible side effects due to the complex hormonal activity of this stimulator