Sunmaster E40

Sunmaster Cool Deluxe 600W monimetallipolttimo E40
Sunmaster Cool Deluxe 600W monimetallipolttimo E40
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SUNMASTER COOL DELUXE MH 600 WATT MBI VENTURE Sunmaster METAL hallide LAMP LM.600W.U76.CDX Sunmaster 600 Watt 6K Cool Deluxe metal halide lamp for use with HPS Ballast. Lamp may be used in any position. Product Code: LM.600W.U76.CDX Initial Lumens: 50000 lm This type of lamp allows you to adjust the light at the growth stage of the plant (halide blue light for their growth and sodium red light for flowering and ripening), by just changing the lamps. Sunmaster is a leader in metal halide lamp technology. Sunmaster designed this high-tech lamp exclusively for the plant growth industry. People using high-pressure sodium lamps often show poor growth during the growth phase of plants. By only use the lamps in combination with a HPS ballast, one can enhance the growth of plants during the growth phase. cool Deluxe Light up blue for seedling and vegetative growth Sufficient orange-red for stem elongation and flowering Ideal lamp for display purposes imitates daylight Balanced spectral output Long lifespan Sunmaster Cool Deluxe grow lights emit light from 5000 ° K to 6500 ° Kelvin, thus imitating the natural look of daylight. They are an ideal light source for seedling and vegetative stages of plant development, while still emitting a wide spectral distribution. Sunmaster Cool Deluxe Lamps surpass many other HID sources in PAR watts - the most objective measurement of the total light energy available for photosynthesis. Sunmaster Cool Deluxe Lamps set new standards in assimilation (plant) lighting and promoting high values ??regarding photosynthesis without compromise.