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Kasvihuonevalaisin Suurpainenatrium, Monimetalli ja keraaminen monimetalli

Tästä osiosta löydätte valmiita osasarjoja. Voitte valita sarjaan haluamme SpNa tai MH-polttimon alla olevista linkeistä. Sarjan mukana tulee aina tarvittavat kaapelit, käyttöönottoa varten. Joissain heijastimissa kaapelia ei ole kytketty valmiiksi kiinni, kuten stucco ja maxilight. Jos et löytänyt mielestäsi pakettia niin ota yhteyttä asiakaspalveluun ja annamme sarjasta teille tarjouksen.

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250W 315W 400W 600W 1000W 600W DE 1000W DE Keraaminen monimetalli
Kasvihuonevalaisin Revolution DEva 1000W 400V DE (tilaustuote)
Kasvihuonevalaisin Revolution DEva 1000W 400V DE (tilaustuote)
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(Tilaustuote, varmista toimitusaika asiakaspalvelusta)Tuotteen mukana tulee Ushio Pro CMH DE polttimo.Kontrolleri myydään erikseen.DEva is a completely integrated, plug n’ play, no-compromise plant lighting solution. Our state-of-the-art, low-frequency square wave electronic ballast is built right into the reflector. The reflector houses a Cultilux double-ended 1000W CMH lamp—which comes included. All you have to do is plug it in and start growing.HOW DOES THE DEva STACK UP?MOST ENERGY EFFICIENT – How important is saving electricity to you? The DEva Silent Square Wave produces more light while utilizing less electricity.MORE LIGHT – Worlds brightest DE uses less electricity than all of our competitors. REFLECTOR DESIGN – Many DE reflector designs waste light on the walls, ceiling and through inefficient light distribution. RevMicro’s Double Elliptical reflector design produces more even light distribution and avoids the classic DE hot spot.LESS HEAT – Less Heat is essential for healthy plant growth, heat sinks run so cool you can touch them. Using our advanced Silent Square Wave technology we’ve reduced acoustic resonance, RF and heat you see with classic high frequency DE designs like Gavita.LOWEST FAILURE RATE – Of any horticultural light on the market at 0.01%. Growers know that out 100 new ballasts they can expect and accept that they will lose anywhere from 8 to 15 of them. Not anymore. Instead of expecting RMA’s you can expect zero problems. If you do have one we’re known for the best technical support in the industry. Same day support, even on holidays.QUALITY BUILD – 36 Year part life, aerospace-grade design, no sheet metal, sharp edges or hot heat sinks. All digital smart controls. Built for the needs of professionals, ethical industrial scale growers.HIGHEST RATED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Fastest growing lighting brand in horticulture.INTELLIGENT CONTROLS – Our RevMicro all digital lighting controller not only had the industries easiest interface but it can also handle 512 lights in two separate zones!LOW PROFILE DESIGN – Eliminates issues with tight ceiling spaces.FIELD REPAIRABLE – Say goodbye to RMA’s and hello to removable PC boards. You’ll be up and going in under 20 min by simply removing 4 screws and popping in a new board.FOOT PRINT – 4×5. Comes with Cultilux 1000w CMH lamp.Engineering SpecificationsInput Voltage120/240 or 240/277 volts AC, 50/60 HzInput Current4.40 amperes @ 240 voltsSystem efficiency94.7% @ 240 voltsDriver efficiency at full power> 98%Power factor> 99.4%Light Source1000W 400v double-ended CMH lampLuminous Flux> 1800 uMole/secExternal ControlRevolution or Autopilot controllerExternal Control ConnectorRJ14 telephone interconnect type (6P6C)Internal DimPush button on panel [dimming not advisable for CMH lamps, HPS can be dimmed]Output power1000wDimmingPushbutton or external controller  [OK for HPS, dimming not advisable for CMH lamps]CertificationsCertified to FCC Part 18 Class B, FCC Part 15 Class BCSA Certified to UL 1598CE CertifiedRoHS and RoHS2 CertifiedDimensions305mm x 650mm x 135mm (about 26 x 12 x 5 inches)
Revolution DEva RLC-1 Controller (tilaustuote)
Revolution DEva RLC-1 Controller (tilaustuote)
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(Tilaustuote, varmista toimitusaika asiakaspalvelusta)Revolution Digital Lighting ControllerRaw power and lighting intensity is nothing without smart control. That’s why we concurrently developed the world’s smartest grow light controller—the RLC-1. While the DEva can work with your existing lighting controller, the RLC-1 can simulate sunrise and sunset, gradually warming up your plants just as Mother Nature does. It also features brown-out / black-out detection and timing for optimal light restart, a built-in clock and 30-year rated battery backup.Crucially, the RLC-1 can even sense when temperatures in your indoor garden are too high and can automatically respond by dimming your HPS lamps or switching off your CMH lamps thereby mitigating environmental stress and crop damage. CMH lamps, by their physics, should not be dimmed. The RLC-1, when set to CMH mode, will turn the lamps on and off and will prevent the grower from accidentally trying to dim a CMH lamp, possibly damaging it.The RLC-1 connects with up to 512 DEva 1000W grow lights (spread across two zones) using “buy them anywhere” standard telephone cables.• Timed control of up to 512 DEva 1000W lights over two zones• Zones A and B can control up to 256 lights simultaneously• No start-up surges• Programmable Sunrise/Sunset• Active input power monitoring• Intelligent lamp re-ignition• Automatic dimming and switch off of the lamps when a preconfigured temperature is reachedEach zone can activate external equipment through three auxiliary switches which can:1. Activate when the lights are on2. Activate when the lights are off (Including when set critical temperature is reached)3. Activate when the set dimming temperature is reached
Kasvivalaisin Solistek A1+ 1000W DE 'ohjain valmis' (tilaustuote)
Kasvivalaisin Solistek A1+ 1000W DE 'ohjain valmis' (tilaustuote)
650.00€ 0
Valaisin sisältää 2K 1000W DE-polttimon.Solistekin A1+ DE 1000W on ammattikäyttöön tarkoitettu valaisin. Tällä valaisimella on uskomaton valontuotto. Solistekilla on markkinoiden paras suorituskyky luotettavuuden, tuloksien ja johdonmukaisuuden pohjalta. Turvallisuus ja teknologia on Solistek-tuotteiden perusta. Tämä valaisin on varustettu monilla ominaisuuksilla, jotka ovat Solistek:in yksinoikeudella valmistettu ja tietenkin tutulla helpolla tavalla otettavaksi käyttöön. Solistek A1+ voit käyttää DE-kantaisia suurpainenatrium-ja monimetallipolttimoita, joissa on huomattavasti parempi hyötysuhde kuin tavallisessa E40-kantaisessa polttimossa. Ensimmäisen 10.000% käytön jälkeen polttimon teho heikkenee vain 5% ! Jopa 2100umol ! Valaisimeen on saatavilla  Solistek Digital Lighting Controller, jolla voit säätää valaisinta mielesi mukaan. Yhdellä säätimellä voit säätää jopa 300-valaisinta. Stimuloi auringonnousu-ja lasku mielesi mukaan, säädä kasvihuoneen lämpötilaa automaattisesti. Ohjaimessa myös 'pilvi' moodi, jolla voit stimuloida pilvistä säätä. Lue lisää Solistekin sivuilta: KLIKKAA TÄSTÄ SOLISTEK A1+ 1000W TIEDOT VALMISTAJAN SIVUILTAThe SolisTek A1+ Complete Lighting System is a professional high output fixture that powers both double ended HPS & Metal Halide lamps.  It is now controller ready.SolisTek DE HPS lamps have proven to have incredibly high PAR output, a broader spectrum than traditional single ended HPS lamps, and only 5% depreciation @ 10,000 hours.Designed around the competition, the SolisTek A1 provides high output & consistent uniform spread. This fixture is the preferred choice among growers who understand light quality.Features:Professional 1000W adjustable ultra high frequency lighting systemHigh efficiency super reflective horticultural aluminumSuitable for High Pressure Sodium & Metal Halide LampsIncredibly high output & even spreadFeaturing Ignition Control™ & SenseSmart™ diagnostic checkIncludes SolisTek high output 2,100 µmol HPS lampLight weight & easy to install & reflector is easily replaceableWarehouse Coverage:Single unit: up to 6? x 7?Series: 5? x 6?Greenhouse Coverage (Primary):Single unit: up to 7? x 8?Series: 6? x 7?Greenhouse Coverage (Supplemental):Single unit: up to 8? x 10?Series: 7? x 8? (dependent on crop & DLI)
Kasvihuonevalaisin Lumatek Aurora CMH 315W
Kasvihuonevalaisin Lumatek Aurora CMH 315W
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The Aurora is a state of the art 315W Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH/CDM/LEC) grow light fixture. This is an integrated all-in-one fixture combining a Lumatek controllable electronic ballast, compact hammertone reflector and 315W CMH lamp. The e-ballast has an option to be remotely controlled with a Lumatek digital control panel (sold separately) and is dimmable. When used with the controller the Aurora can be programmed with on/off times, simulated sunrise/sunset with a timed fade to and from full brightness and automatic dimming if grow room temperature parameters are exceeded. The Aurora€™s reliable 315W CMH digital ballast has been successfully used in cultivation facilities around the word and uses square wave technology to efficiently fire and operate 315W Ceramic Metal Halide (also known as CMH/CDM/LEC) lamps. For safety this ballast uses full circuit protection including open/short circuit, over temperature, over/low voltage, end of lamp life/rectification and EMI suppression. Ballast has an LED indicator and is dimmable for optimum control. The Aurora€s 315W CMH pulse-start lamp has been engineered for use with Lumatek 315W CMH electronic ballast and is produced using high-grade ceramic arc tube technology and specific horticultural gas blend that creates optimal spectral output for healthy plant growth. CMH technology creates high energy PAR/PPF levels with low heat at full spectrum which is closer to sunlight and produces healthier plant growth and larger yield. With a CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of >90%, CMH is perfect for growing high quality produce and essential oil extraction. The Aurora is supplied with a Lumatek 315-930 (3100K Agro) Ceramic Metal Halide lamp which is also available in 4200K Daylight spectrum format (Lumatek 315-942). The PCA ceramic arc tube permits the lamp to operate at higher internal temperatures increasing colour rendering, output and efficiency. PCA resists interaction with the chemicals inside the tube which stabilizes the chemical mix over the life of the lamp, thereby improving colour consistency and PAR/PPF level maintenance. Pulse-start technology enables faster start up & restrike time, longer lamp life and increased lumen maintenance.Vinkki:Keraaminen monimetallivalasiin soveltuu kasveille  kasvuun ja kukintaan, se tuottaa n.30% vähemmän lämpöä kuin perinteiset  purkausvalaisimet ja se pitää valotehon vähintään 85% 12.000-15.000h