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Acs WaterPack vesiviljelyjärjestelmä

Active Circulation System for Waterfarms

Highly efficient, easy to use, expandable recirculation system

The ACS system allows you to install a proper hydroponic system in small spaces, and to tailor size to your needs. The entire system runs off one air pump, and our innovative T-connector design means that nutrient solution is fully circulated in just thirty minutes!

Made out of the same high-quality plastic as our market leading AquaFarms, and with the same easy access 45L reservoir the ACS WaterPack® has a flip top reservoir lid for easy filling and emptying, and direct access to the nutrient solution.

  • Roto-molded in France from super tough and durable recycled plastic.
  • UV and light shielded for root protection.
  • Versatile, adaptable and reliable.

The ACS Waterpack® comes with 4 WaterFarm® units as standard, and works best with one plant per pot. Expansion parts are available to add more WaterFarms if you wish, and you can also use the ACS controller with other brands of pot.

Acs WaterPack vesiviljelyjärjestelmä

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