Akvaariovalaisin AquariumSystems SERIES 6 MARINE (tilaustuote)

SERIES 6 MARINE suolavesi valaisimen avulla sinulla on täysi kontrolli väreistä ja valotehosta akvaariosi yllä.

The Series 6 applikaation avulla voit kontrolloida värispektrejä miten haluat, mukaan lukien sää asetukset auringon laskusta ukkosenilmaan ja pilvisäähän.

Akvaariovalaisimet voit tilata meiltä 7-14 päivän toimitusajalla.


Series 6 LED unit is a professional LED system with its slim design profile, and six channel control so you have complete control of the colour and power of light over your aquarium.
The Series 6 free app allows you to control every spectrum you would need, including all the weather settings from sunrise to sunset, thunderstorm and cloudcover.
The Series 6 has interchangeable LEDs which allows you to completely customise the positioning of the LEDs.

  • Wifi built in.
  • 7 colours of LEDs fitted to give full spectrum light.
  • 6 controllable channels.
  • Android and IOS ready.
  • Attach with legs or suspend.
  • All replaceable LEDs.
  • Smart fans for LEDs temperature control ensuring optimal LEDs’ working conditions.
  • Energy efficient high powered CREE LEDs with 90 and 120 degree lens.

PAR Measurement (in PAR(?E m2 sec)/W


PAR means Photosynthetic active radiation is a measurement of light power between 400nm and 700nm. It is used to give an indication of the power of light present that is used by organisms which have photosynthetic cells such as plants and corals.

MALLI 60 , 176W

MALLI 90 , 264W

 MALLI 120 , 352W

Akvaariovalaisin AquariumSystems SERIES 6 MARINE (tilaustuote)

699.99 - 1299.99€
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