Biobizz Acti-Vera Suoja-ja lisäaine

Biobizz:in uutuus.

Acti-Vera suojaa kasvin immuunijärjestelmää, nopeuttaa aineenvaihduntaa ja myös lisää ravinteiden imeytymistä. Voidaan käyttää sekoittamalla ravinneliuokseen tai suihkuttelemalla kasvia.

Käyttöohje: Käytä jokaisella kastelukerralla Acti-Vera 5ml / 1L vettä.
Voidaan käyttää ensimmäisestä viikosta aina viimeiselle viikolle asti, soveltuu käytettäväksi vedessä, mullassa ja kookospohjassa.


Hello, my name is€¦
Acti·Vera„¢, and I was previously known as Product X. Acti·Vera„¢ is the newest Biobizz product and it€™s main ingredient is the plant of aloe vera. Acti·Vera„¢ is an organic botanical activator that protects the immune system, increases metabolism and enhances nutrient absorbtion. 

The beginning
It all started in 2011, during a trip to Curacao, the most popular Caribbean holiday destination. Due to the island€™s particular climate, it is not an easy place for the plants to grow but aloe vera is one of the few exceptions as it´s able to grow strong and keep its beauty. 

From Plants 2 Plants

Healthy, fresh, clean, anti-bacterial, cleansing, detox, beauty and care come to mind thinking of aloe vera. So we thought:  if it does wonders on the skin, why not trying it out with plants? After throughout research trying out any possible combination of ingredients that could work together with the plant extract of the aloe vera, the final product was finally designed and ready to be launched: Acti·Vera„¢. 

The most important difference to other Biobizz products and why Acti·Vera„¢ is new in the market is that it€™s €˜out of a plant, for a plant€™. So basically: plants for plants. There are Biobizz products derived from ground, sea and now also from plant material!

Why Acti·Vera„¢?
Out of a plant, for a plant and pretty from the inside & outside. Acti·Vera„¢ works from the inside. It makes the inside stronger and works magic on the outside at the same time. And a pretty plant, in this case, also means a healthy plant: you are what you eat. Why use Acti·Vera„¢on your plants?

  • Protects/activates the immune system

  • Germination powers

  • Increases plant metabolism and enhances nutrient absorption

  • Breakdown of sugars

  • 100% Vegan 

How to use?

  • Use 5ml per liter water, use with every watering

  • Usable for food crops, plantations, perennials, ornamental plants

  • Usable in the vegetative and flowering phase to stimulate growing and blooming

  • Usable indoors and outdoors

  • Usable as foliar spray

Biobizz Acti-Vera Suoja-ja lisäaine

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