Botanicare Pure Blend Soil 960ml

The Botanicare PURE Blend Pro range includes natural and organic-based, easy to use, one-part base nutrients. Each water-soluble formula has been carefully crafted to increase flavours, aromas and terpenes in your crops.

Cultivating plants in soil requires higher phosphorus levels to offset clay colloidal particles that bind up phosphorous and to offset soil microbes that compete for the phosphorous. Botanicare PURE BLEND PRO SOIL provides the additional phosphorus and nutrients for blooming, fruiting and flowering plants while also feeding the microorganisms.

Guaranteed Analysis: Bloom Soil: Nitrogen 1.0%, Phosphate 4.0%, Potash 5.0%, Ca 1.0%, Mg 0.5%

Botanicare Pure Blend Soil 960ml

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