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Desinfiontiaine 750ml  Antibact Sureair

Erittäin tehokas SureAir antibakteriaali neste on erityisen hyvä kun tarvitaan tappaamaan pöpöt pois kasvatushuoneesta tai muilta epäpuhtailta pinnoilta.

SureAir antibakteriaali ei vahingoita kasveja millään tavalla. Soveltuu erityisen hyvin myös WC:n ja keittiön pintojen pesuun.

Suihkuta pinnoille ja anna vaikuttaa muutama minuutti, pyyhi kuivalla liinalla.

Anti-static and fast drying - Antibac leaves surfaces hygienically clean and is ideal for greenhouses, grow rooms and growing equipment.

Kills Germs: Antibac is effective against a wide range bacteria and moulds. It complies with BS EN 1276 and contains the same active ingredient as the santiser that is widely used in hospitals to guard against E.coli, MRSA and numerous other bacteria.

Environment: Antibac is not harmful to plants, but as with all products used in greenhouses, try to avoid direct contact with plants.

In Use: Remove loose debris and deposits. Open the nozzle and spray sparingly on to the surface to be treated avoiding overspray. For small confined areas, spray onto a cloth and wipe down. Contact time to guarantee disinfection of a hard surface is one minute to comly with EN 1276, dry with a clean cloth. Remember to always close the nozzle after use. Antibac is suitable for hard, non-porous surfaces.

Caution: If in doubt about the suitability of a surface, test on a small inconspicuous area before general application. Always follow appliance manufacturers cleaning instructions. Avoid inhaling the spray and prolonged contact with the skin, the wearing of rubber gloves is recommended.

Helpful Hints: For stubborn deposits, leave to soak for a period before wiping clean. The use of a brush or plastic scourer will assist the removal of deposits. For maximum germ killing performance reapply to a cleaned surface and allow a contact time of one minute.

Desinfiontiaine 750ml Antibact Sureair

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