GHE  SubCulture 10g

Highly effective biological root protector

Trichoderma + ultimate protection from root zone problems in hot weather.

Root protection is a major concern for all gardeners: in soil where root access is difficult, and in hydroponics where the root zone access is easy, but roots are left relatively exposed to pathogens. And given how much effort we put into building a healthy root mass, it's common sense to protect that investment: Pythium, Fusarium, Verticillium and other fungal and bacterial pathogens can wreak havoc in hydroponic systems, especially in hot weather, where mould is more of an aerial pathogen, problems can develop practically overnight.

There are several €œsolutions€ available on the market, from UV sterilisation to commercial fungicides from the garden centre, but they all have drawbacks: from expense, complexity and dubious results, to toxicity and dangers to health from fungicides.

Happily, there is a highly effective solution with no such risks attached: SubCulture.

To create the most effective protection possible, we tested all the strains currently used as 'beneficials' and isolated the most effective, and fastest acting combination (too many strains and there is a fight to get established and provide protection: that's no use with fast growing crops).

SubCulture€™s well-balanced mix of beneficial microorganisms gets to work right away and will protect the entire root mass of your plants from pathogenic fungi by forming a protective barrier that inhibits pathogen growth, propagation, and survival. This gives you the most resilient protection against root pathogens available. And thanks to the same high-quality Trichoderma as our BM mix, SubCulture also decomposes unwanted organic matter debris in nutrient solution transforming this potential source of disease into a supplement of minerals readily available to your plants.

GHE Subculture meets European regulation 2008/113/CE on organic agriculture.

GHE SubCulture 10g

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