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Green Man System Substrate Tray

The newly designed substrate tray for use in the Green Man System from Green Air Products. The substrate tray turns your system into a huge capacity flood and drain system by providing a supported base for soil, coco or any other organic media mix. It raises the growing media by 65mm from the bottom of the pot to prevent clogging and maximise oxygenation into the root zone by allowing space for the airstone to keep the oxygen pumping. The new design has pipe notches in each corner that hold your 4mm airline in place without any compression or kinking along the pipe to maximise oxygen intake.

  • From the highly acclaimed Green Man System
  • Use with any organic grow medium
  • Pipe notches to prevent kinks and bends which would reduce airflow
  • 65mm clearance combats clogging
  • Maximum oxygen intake 

Green Man System Substrate Tray

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