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Guanokalong Batboost 1L

100% Orgaaninen Batboost K2

Sisältää Kaliumia.

100% Organic BATBOOST K 2

This organic liquid fertilizer 'BATBOOST' contains 2% of K.
Si tratta di un mix bilanciato di It's a balanced mix of Guanokalong® extract taste improver, liquid humic acids and palm tree ashes. All the different contents come with their own famous advantages in this blend 'BATBOOST'.
Acceleration of root structuring. Exuberant flower period. Increased resistance of plant against bacteria. In-door and out-door use. High quantity of potassium.
The humus is made from 100% leonardite (highly oxidized lignite). It conditions the soil. It stimulates micro-life. It creates high levels of permanent humus. It reduces re-planting stress and water demand. It has a high PH and water buffering capacity. Guanokalong extract works as a taste improver, the humic acids help the plant to absorb the elements from the guano and other organic nutrients even more quickly. Use Guanokalong® BATBOOST as a bloom fertilizer to mix with feeding water alone or together with your normal feeding regime. Recommended quantity is 2-4 ml/L until harvest time

Guanokalong Batboost 1L

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