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Heijastin DE Solismax56 leveä

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Koko: 51cm x 34.5cm x 18cm 
Valmis 3m IEC-johto.

The compact and versatile SolisTek SolisMax56 Double Ended Reflector

The SolisTek SolisMax56 Double Ended Reflector is the only reflector that can use both the 600w and 1000w double ended lamps, making it unique and incredibly versatile. With its lightweight yet sturdy design and impressive lighting footprint, the SolisTek SolisMax56 Double Ended Reflector illuminates a large area for its comparatively small size. Using its high quality 95% reflective German aluminium inner casing, it focuses as much light as possible down towards the canopy. The SolisTek SolisMax56 Double Ended Reflector combines with the SolisTek Lighting Range to provide your plants with as much high quality, plant usable light as possible.

  • Perfect for both small and large scale grow areas
  • Can be used with either 600w or 1000w double ended lamps
  • Combines perfectly with the SolisTek Matrix Ballast if using a double ended 600w lamp
  • Illuminates a massive footprint of light up to 5' x 6' square foot 
  • Uses 95% reflective German aluminium
  • Small, compact and lightweight design
  • Highly conductive, tinned AWG wire that doesn't oxidize, prolonging the reflectors lifespan
  • RFI shielded


1 x SolisTek SolisMax56 Double Ended Reflector

51cm x 34.5cm x 18cm

Power cord length:
4.5 meters

How the SolisTek SolisMax56 Double Ended Reflector works:

The SolisTek SolisMax56 Double Ended Reflector is an incredibly versatile reflector, the fact you can switch between 600w and 1000w double ended lamps set it apart from the competition. It forms a perfect pairing with the SolisTek Matrix Ballast if your using it with 600w double ended lamps. The SolisTek SolisMax56 Double Ended Reflector creates a very even lighting footprint utilizing high-grade German aluminium. The SolisTek SolisMax56 Double Ended Reflector can be used with high pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH) double ended lamps. With it's lightweight and compact design it fits into virtually any sized room or grow tent, either as a standalone unit or used in sequence over a larger growing area.

When Do I Switch Between Lamps?

SolisTek have created a range of lamps, harnessing a spread of lighting spectrums to compliment every period of a plants life cycle. From the earliest seedlings stages, through to late flower, helping you produce the best possible results every time. The veg weeks and flowwring weeks illustrated below are for guidence only.

Veg Week 1-8: Begin with the SolisTek 6K Blue Lamp for your seedlings, rooted cuttings and young plants, as this lamp promotes bushy, dense growth with tight internodes. The SolisTek 6K Blue is high in blue, purple and green light, making it excellent for all your vegging needs. Use until a couple of weeks before you're ready to flower (depending on how long you're vegging for, typically 4-8 weeks).

Flowering Week 1-2: Two weeks into flowering switch to the SolisTek 4K Daylight Lamp, which is higher in green and yellow light whilst still containing large amounts of purple and blue light, making it a full spectrum lighting source similar to sunlight. The SolisTek 4K Daylight still promotes healthy, upward growth while increasing essential oil content as the first flower sets form.

Flowering Week 3-7: Switch to the SolisTek 2K HPS Lamp as your primary light for most of the flowering period. High in yellow, orange and red light the SolisTek 2k HPS Lamp stimulates rapid, heavy flowering formation.

Flowering Week 8-9: One or two weeks prior to harvest switch out the SolisTek 2k HPS Lamp and replace it with the SolisTek 10K Finisher Lamp. The SolisTek 10K Finisher Lamp has a unique spectrum. Very high in UV and deep blue light its especially useful when used on plants deep into flower, as it promotes increased essential oil production on your heavy-set flowers, further adding quality to your end product.

How to use the SolisTek SolisMax56 Double Ended Reflector:

The SolisTek SolisMax56 Double Ended Reflector is designed for use with any horizontally mounted HPS or MH double ended lamp ideally using the double ended lamps from the SolisTek range. Simply hang the reflector over the centre of the grow space at an appropriate height using easy rolls or jack chain. Holding your lamp with a clean cloth insert the double ended lamp into the lamp holder with the end illustrated below closest to the wired end of the reflector and fix in firmly. Plug the lead into an appropriate ballast and switch on.

Warning: When HID lamps are switched on they run extremely hot. As with all high-pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs it is necessary to avoid touching the lamp with anything such as fingers or plants as this may cause severe burns or fires. In particular avoid sprays or liquids coming into contact with the lamp as this may cause premature failure or even an explosion.

Heijastin DE Solismax56 leveä

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