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Heijastuskalvo  Orca
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 ORCA Grow Film® provides the following unique advantages over traditional reflective foils:

    99% Diffuse Surface: Microfiber structure creates even light distribution across material surface regardless of incident angle of light. The resulting isotropic surface luminance eliminates hot spots and does not require surface to be hung flat during installation.
    - Diffuse vs. Specular and Why diffuse reflection matters.

    Highly Reflective Surface: Measured at 94% reflectivity across the full visible light spectrum. ORCA Grow Film® is the highest performing reflective surface in the hydroponic industry.
    - Performance comparison
    - What does full visible light spectrum mean and why does it matter?

    Thermally Reflecting: High infrared reflectance keeps heat where it should be. (More)

    100% Light Tight.

    No Color Shift or Iridescence: Light reflected from surface maintains the original color wavelength so you get the full spectrum from your lamps. (More)

    Durable, puncture and tear resistance: 11 mil thick

    Waterproof Washable & cleanable with common household cleaners:

    Mold and algae growth resistant.

    UV Protected and Stable: Blocks out harmful UV light with wavelength below 400nm, material does not yellow. (More)

    Recyclable eco-friendly material containing no halogens, plasticizers or VOCs.

    Made in Canada

Heijastuskalvo Orca

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