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HYDROLIQ GROW 250ml (pullotettu)

Description Hydroliq Grow is a non-toxic solution for the elimination of bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi and all other types of germs. Hydroliq Grow was specially developed for hemp and cannabis production and successfully eliminates all bacteria, viruses and mould. Hydroliq Grow is a ready-to-use mixture. No dilution required. Spray Nozzle supplied with 1lt bottles. Eliminates viruses, bacteria, germs, spores and fungi Safe for humans, animals and the environment No toxic residues on plants and equipment Can be used in Flowering pH neutal solution Minimizes crop failures Preventative use without limitation Organ, vegan Suitable for spraying, fogging,dipping, wiping and watering

HYDROLIQ GROW 250ml (pullotettu)

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