Juurrutusgeeli Rootit 150ml

Todella hyvä pistokkaille ja siemenille, se auttaa juuristoa kehittymään nopeasti. Geeliä voit laittaa mihin tahansa maapohjaan, multaan, kookokseen, kivivillaan. Se myös auttaa infektioita vastaan ! Kun huolehdit idätys-ja kasvuvaiheesta hyvin, saat kasvisi sadon nopeammin.

Helps natural root development of cuttings.

ROOT!T Rooting Gel is the first rooting gel specifically formulated for use with pre-formed propagation plugs or more traditional growing media. ROOT!T Rooting Gel helps natural root development of cuttings. This fantastic product comes in a gel that stays firm in the plug, replacing the need for hormone rooting powder. ROOT!T Rooting Gel, unlike other rooting gels is placed directly into the central cavity of the plug. The gel forms a seal around the cut surface of the cutting, aiding uptake and helping prevent dehydration and infection. It will work equally effectively with rooting sponges, stonewool plugs, peat plugs, coco coir plugs/fibre or compost. In extensive trials, a wide variety of garden plants, including herbs, forsythia, buddleia, hydrangea, hebe, box and roses have been rooted. Using ROOT!T Rooting Gel, the time take for first root formation is optimised, more roots per cutting developed and faster root growth achieved. It is economical in use and, providing the plugs remain moist, success rates are extremely high.

Juurrutusgeeli Rootit 150ml

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