Kasvualusta Kookoskuitu High Porosity Cocos 50L

Erittäin laadukas Wilmas Lawn & Gardenin valmistama kookoskuitu, johon on lisätty perliittiä sekaan ilmavuuden lisäämiseksi. Juuret kasvavat nopeammin ja vahvemmaksi High Porosity kookoskuidun avulla. 

High Porosity Cocos (HPC) combines the properties of ATAMI’s Cocos Substrate with perlite for increased substrate airiness. The coco of Atami is known to be very clean and low in detrimental salts, while also containing a balanced fertilizations. To achieve this, the coco is ripened, washed, buffered and lightly fertilized.

Perlite is volcanic rock that has been formed during volcanic eruptions. It is treated with a high temperature to make it expand. You can compare it to popcorn. When we heat a corn grain, it pops into an airy treat. The same can happen to perlite, which pops into a porous structure of about twenty times its original size. By mixing this perlite through your substrate, the airiness of your substrate is greatly increased.
Due to the addition of perlite to the coco, the product reaches an air-percentage of about 30%. The availability of air is essential for the development of roots. Plants require oxygen to ‘burn’ sugars and use them up for their energy. Through the use of this energy, the root system expands and develops further.
• Airy structure 
• Great water management
• Optimal root development

Kasvualusta Kookoskuitu High Porosity Cocos 50L

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