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Kasvualusta Madonlanta Worm Delight Atami 20L

Takaa nopean kasvun ja on tärkeässä osassa kukinnan aikana.

One of the main fertilizers for the cultivation is worm manure. It provides a good and rapid growth of the plant and strongly raises the yield (very important during the flowering period). Since worm manure is a very good fertilizer, as a grower you can in fact never add enough of it to the soil mixture, given the fact that plants are so fond of it. In addition to potassium worm manure contains very valuable fertilizers such as nitrogen and phosphorus that will contribute to an exceptional growth (nitrogen) and flower production (phosphorus). Did you know that good worm manure is such a fruitful fertilizer, that your plants, in a manner of speech, could grow on it? This is because worm manure contains equal proportions of the main fertilizers. One advantage is that the substrate you grow on will not get overfertilized quickly! Worm manure also contributes to an optimal soil because the worm manure contains living fungi and bacteria. This way it causes a rapid growth spurt of the plant. In so doing, the worm manure keeps the substrate airy, guaranteeing the permissibility of sufficient oxygen. Worm manure is also very economical in use, which in turn is nice for your wallet!

Kasvualusta Madonlanta Worm Delight Atami 20L

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