Monimetallipolttimo 250W Elektrox SuperGrow

Elektrox:in uutuus SuperGrow monimetallipolttimo kasvuvaiheeseen.

POWER                   250W
COLOUR TEMP.     5600K
SOCKET                  E40
VOLTAGE               2.15A
LUMEN                   18000

The Elektrox SUPER GROW 250W grow lamp uses a mains voltage of 220-240 V and operates at a power of 250 W. You operate the lamp at a mains frequency of 50 Hz, while the operating current is 2.15 A. The Elektrox SUPER GROW 250W has an impressive operating life of more than 15000 h, and consists of a clear TO46 envelope and an E40 fitting.

Due to the outstanding luminous intensity of 18000 lm, this discharge lamp has an impressive lighting efficiency of 72 lm/W. With its colour temperature of 5600 K, the daylight white colouring of the light, and the white-blue colour spectrum, this high-quality lamp from Elektrox encourages the vegetative phase of plants in particular.

Monimetallipolttimo 250W Elektrox SuperGrow

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