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Plantit Float AutoKit

Automaattinen vedenpinnan säätelylaite, kun vedenpinta laskee liian alas venttiili päästää lisää vettä säilöstä.

Reduce the labour of regular tank filling and inspection by fitting a PLANT!T BigFloat Auto Top-up Kit and secondary reservoir. The float automatically tops-up and maintains nutrient levels in your system reservoirs from a header tank of your choice. No pump is required as it works under gravity. Ideal for unattended growrooms and holiday periods. The professional top-up kit is one of the most robust on the market offering peace of mind that your plants are safe if your reservoir starts to run dry. All the necessary fittings are supplied in the PLANT!T BigFloat Auto Top-up Kit - simply attach to the header tank of your choice up to 400 litres. The PLANT!T BigFloat Auto Top-up Kit contains a Grey Low Pressure Float Valve and a 2 metres of 13mm Flexible Pipe along with a 13mm Barbed Tee and a 13mm Nut and Tail with 3/4' BSP and a 13mm Poly to Hose Connector.

Plantit Float AutoKit

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