Vesiviljelyjärjestelmä Nutriculture NFT GT604

Parhaimpia vesiviljelylaitteita joita meiltä löytyy ja nämä ovat myös erittäin nopea kasata, sekä helppokäyttöisiä. Järjestelmä sisältää tankin, kannen, pumppusarjan, juurrutusmaton ja leikattavan levyn.

Koko: 150cm x 48.5cm x 20cm

Gro-Tanks are often referred to as 'pure hydroponics' because virtually no growing medium is used.

Plants are placed on the planting channel and the roots grow along the channel, benefiting from unrestricted access to oxygen.

Nutrient solution is constantly pumped up from the reservoir to the ‘channel’ and flows over the roots of the plants back into the reservoir ready to be passed over the roots again.

The constant supply of water and nutrients directly to the roots combined with unlimited access to oxygen means plants are healthier, faster growing and produce up to 4x more yield than if grown using traditional soil methods.

Proven results - up to 4x greater yield than conventional growing methods.

Healthier plants – plants are never under-fed or over-watered and there is no build up of salts in the root zone.

Get more out of a small space - Gro-Tanks are just 20cm tall and there's a system for every tent size!

Very little medium used – the only growing medium used is the medium the plants were started in. This means there's less chance of disease and less waste material to transport and dispose of.

Vesiviljelyjärjestelmä Nutriculture NFT GT604

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