Waste Away Gel Marin Small x 1 (10-50L)

Pidä akvaario puhtaana ja terveenä Gel Waste-Away -laitteella.

Aquarium systems’ Waste-Away Reef Evolution Gel - Marine is an organic aquarium cleaner. It has been created to help destroy waste within your marine aquarium. Waste-away is made to release beneficial bacteria to help maintain super clear water and keep nitrates and phosphates down. Unzip the shrink wrap, Use the suction cup and stick the gel to the inside of the tank, sump or filter box. Waste-away last 30 days and will indicate exhaustion by change of colour. Avoid placing the gel in direct water flow. For deep cleaning, be sure to use Waste-away liquid and then use Waste-away gel. At a glance Easy to use Lasts for 30 days Cost effective

Waste Away Gel Marin Small x 1 (10-50L)

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